Who pays for services?

The EI Program is a public program funded by New York State and local counties. Early Intervention services are provided at no out-of-pocket to families of eligible children. Health insurance may be accessed to pay for services in New York State.

How often do early intervention services get reviewed?

At various intervals depending on your municipality you will receive reports. IFSP review meetings are held every 6 months to review a child’s plan and create a new one for the next 6 months. Progress reports are reviewed at this time.

How often will my child receive services?

Service frequency and duration are determined at the EI/IFSP meeting. Since all services are individual, the amount and types of services will be written as per your child’s needs.

How are services provided?

All services can be provided using any of the following service models:
– Home and community-based visits (family’s home, relative’s home, child care center, family day care, or other places parents go to with their children)
– Facility or center-based visits (where service provider works)
– Parent child groups (usually at an agency’s office or facility)
– Group developmental intervention (a group means two or more children who are eligible for EI services)

What services are available?

Available services include: Special Instruction, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech/Language Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Audiology services, PROMPT, Social Work services, Family Training, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Psychological services, Vision services and Service Coordination.