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May 18, 2016

When we redesigned our website, one of our goals was for the new site to function as a place where families could go to get easy-to-understand, straightforward information about early childhood development. As part of this, we envisioned a parent hub where families could find a variety of resources, all in one place. Mission accomplished!

Our Parent Center has become that hub and we are thrilled that people from Arizona to Mexico are noticing! Our hope is to create a symbiotic relationship with families so that we may help you—and you, us. When a child begins to receive early intervention or preschool services, for some it is the first time that there is an indication that a child may have lasting developmental delays. For others, it may just be extra help that a child needs for a short time, to catch up to his peers. In either situation, we know that it can be a trying time for families.

MKSA strives to help each individual family as they as they come to terms with these issues. Our teachers, therapists and other specialists are sensitive to this fact and provide services with dedication and care for each child’s individual needs. One of the cornerstones of our agency is the relationship we cultivate with families. It is vital. It is respected. And it is treasured. At this time, MKSA is excited to enter the world of blogging and we look forward to sharing different types of information with you. We also welcome and encourage feedback, so please feel free to leave a comment!